Friday, June 13, 2014

Big and large teddy bear. So cheap and many sizes to choose!

Hello.. quite long time not active sell this big teddy bear because I am very busy with my work and personel life. Now, I open back for who want to order big/ giant/ large/ huge cute teddy bear!! Hooooraaaayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! ^_^

New price for year 2014

0.75m - RM 95
1m  - RM 130
1.2m - RM 150
1.6m - RM 250
2m - RM 380

Details :
Colors - White/ brown/ pink
Full payment before courier (no booking, no deposit)
Order will reach 2-3 days (working days)
Please confirm with me the postage rate before make payment
Prefer by courier only, no cod

P/s : Fyi, I'm not own any shop to sell this teddy bear. I just sell online. Also not keeping any stock. Once I received order from you all, I'll submit to my supplier and they'll send those item asap. Hope this will make you clear. Thanks.


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Testimonial from customers

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Big giant teddy bear available. Cheap price!

1M teddy bear  - RM 120
1.2M teddy bear - RM 140
1.6M teddy bear - RM 240
2M teddy bear - RM 350

Details :
Got 2 colors - white and brown

COD - only at Ampang Point

Full payment needed (no booking, no deposit)

Order will reach 2-3 days (working days)