Friday, June 13, 2014

Big and large teddy bear. So cheap and many sizes to choose!

Hello.. quite long time not active sell this big teddy bear because I am very busy with my work and personel life. Now, I open back for who want to order big/ giant/ large/ huge cute teddy bear!! Hooooraaaayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! ^_^

New price for year 2014

0.75m - RM 95
1m  - RM 130
1.2m - RM 150
1.6m - RM 250
2m - RM 380

Details :
Colors - White/ brown/ pink
Full payment before courier (no booking, no deposit)
Order will reach 2-3 days (working days)
Please confirm with me the postage rate before make payment
Prefer by courier only, no cod

P/s : Fyi, I'm not own any shop to sell this teddy bear. I just sell online. Also not keeping any stock. Once I received order from you all, I'll submit to my supplier and they'll send those item asap. Hope this will make you clear. Thanks.



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